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65 The first room of the exhibition displays an installation of indices from various art magazines from the sixties till today, fixated with needles on the floor. They contain the usual short information: name of the artist, venue, date. 'literacies' consists of one digital and two analogue projections in opposition to each other. The one directly pro- jected from a pc shows a digitalized text of mihai nadins book ‘Civilization of Illiteracy’ in the format of a movie, each page as one frame. The 900 pages can be perceived as text but remain illegible. The two overhead projec- tors are covered with passages from art magazines, but the projection only shows an abstract pattern. Lumps of clay, each the size of our fists (as an equivalent of a heart) formed by one single movement of our hands. A set of mirrors hanging face up from the ceiling. Three dust jackets of a set of books entitled Fascism, Communism and Capitalism are pressed by screw clamps between two panes. The main view shows the inside of the dust jackets. The dimensions of the almost square room are represented 1:1 by this work. Paper is sewn and screwed on top of each other and placed orthogonal to the original direction. The porcelain was brought wet into the exhibition. The dimensions reflected those of the work ‘90 Tage’ in the yard. During the exhibition it dried, shrunk, altered its color and turned to a very fragile piece of dust. A collection of spoons, special in their form and discerned from each other were placed carefully on the floor between the porcelain and the vitrine. On a found photograph, that shows a scenery of a mountain and some architectural square formation (conceivably a landmark), an aquarium/vitrine with similar dimensions to the formation on the photo was set on top. A printing plate, card- board, wood, a cutting of an old art magazine and poured wax combine to make the work ‘gefaltet’ Several slabs of slate, each in a dimension of the DIN format, form three, somehow approximate, DIN A0 squares. The two benches, part of the architecture of the showroom were placed on the windowsills. The entire volume of one deep breath of each of us gives form to the two plastic bags laying beyond the white paper line on the floor.