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22 JR asks B JR: The title of your book ‘earlyears’ suggests a review and point of departure; an arrival that also indi- cates a search. What are you embarking on here? B: Perhaps a shift from our previously held concept of art. JR: You live and work together as an artist couple. And while BURGHARD is not an artist’s name, it is – to some extent – significant for the manner in which you collaborate. B: Basically, we wanted to keep the personal part at arm’s length from the artwork. In this respect, BURGHARD is a construct with a trail into the past – a repository for our work, so to say. JR: Your works are context sensitive on two counts: First as interventions within a given architectonic context but also with regard to an extended, overall institutional and social environment. B: We are interested in the interplay between an object and its environment – not the singular presence or even the construction of autonomy. Individual objects always constitute a convergence toward the