BURGHARDs work looks for the accomplishments and aporiae of Western culture and the determinants of their own identity. In relation to actual discourses
on shifts on a global scale BURGHARD approaches the edges of western normatives attempting their diffusion. By accepting the contingency of culture as such,
they work towards the endeavour of a relevant approach for a contemporary artistic demeanour.

BURGHARD developed a netting of media from our everyday culture. Objects like blackboards, projectors, pages from magazines and maps are getting detached from
their rational linearity and reassessed as cultural tool and - sediment. In exhibitions the fragile and brittle elements are set very consciously in an inherent alignment.
Via poetic tenderness the works enter blank spaces left by a highly structured world, unfolding a resistive potential to antagonize an unquestioned actuality.
Their potential is as much the empty space between the objects as the objects themselves.
A distinct subtleness is the result of the sparse use of media and even though the elements are familiar and address the recipients in their very association:
The works fragile sobriety and layout opens up possibilities and underrun expectations.

The work of BURGHARD elaborates nothing less than the reassignment of vocabularies - a concrete and poetic re-evaluation of information and
thus methodically create spaces of intelligence beyond logocentric reasoning.