Es gibt Ordnungen. 45cpm, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, 07.2012
  We operate with the ambiguous term 'Ordnung' (engl. order, regime, ar rangement). It is used as an open framework for ar rangements that are made up of sculptural,
  filmic and photographic elements. Poetic sensibility and fragileness characterize the objects that serve to designate the occasional spaces of void that our thoroughly organized
  society leaves unfilled. In non-complicancy we translate the totalitarian linearity of the prevailing regime ('Ordnung') into a more open plurality.


  Public Abstraction, private Construction Kunstverein Arnsberg, 06.2011
  A first overview, of the project bauen, denken was presented in the exhibition 'Public Abstraction, Private Construction' at Kunsterverein Arnsberg, 2011.


  verschnitt, TÄT, Berlin, 11.2010
  Questions of standing soak through the the scene. The exhibition conveys within three works. At the frontwindow Sokrates apologia, etched out of a mir ror.
  In the middle of the space cracked grilles are layered on the ground. The grilles once covered the windows of the taken house (as described on following pages). At the
  fur ther end of the space, a gesture of denial is looped..


  oktober, frontviews gallery, Berlin, 11.2010
  Considering the spatial vocabulary of language and its impact on consciousness, the exhibition deals with the recur ring effor ts of internalized cultural contingency accompanied by
  solitude (+ proximate independence), standing and stranding.


  bauen denken, intervention public space, Berlin, 09.2010
 In 2006 we encountered this site with a small building, which had been closed in 1990. The place itself had lost its purpose and resisted any cosumption.
  We salvaged the house, moved it onto our land outside of Berlin and made it a potential foundation. Finally, after four years, the project was finished. At the moment when we laid down
   the house 150 km away from its origin the whole work revealed its sublime quality.


  counterwise, intervention public space, Berlin, unrealized
 In 2008 we decided to turn the clock a quater-counter-clock-wise. We could not make it in time. In 2009 the clock was gone.


  name, date, place, Mica Moca, Berlin, 10.2009
  A former factory was turned into a place for contemporary Ar t. We layed out countless indices from ar t-magazines from the 60ies onwards with the Information:
  ar tist, institution and date and pinned them with needles to the floor.


  menschliche zwecke, Städtische Galerie Wollfsburg, 09.2009
 [The exhibition addresses the affective space of the individual as concrete experience. Our parameters are simple and comprehensible. There is no societal or individual ar tistic
  truth to be told. We created moulds/models that, at best, may suspend the imaginary of the concept of truth. No de- rationalized being, no pure feeling, rather configurations.


  Steig, Kwadrat Berlin, 06.2009


  Literacies, Kunstverein Arnsberg, 01.2009
  In various formats the works and their arrangement reflect and underrun the restraints of cultural normatives - namely those of the phonetic alphabet as the foundation of western cultural hegemony.


  reisen denken UM08, Bushaltestelle Fergitz, 09.2008
  This work was presented in a Busstop in the Uckermark. The region, just one hour drive north of Berlin, is renowned for a sparse density of population but a growing number of weekenders.
  Each object is made of two sheets of glass, clamps and a historical postcard from Todtnauberg/Black Forest.


  Plot Manifesta7, Manifattura Tabacchi, Rovereto, 07.2008
  For Manifesta7 a new installation was developed to be shown in a former tobacco manufacture. In a doublebind situation the work occupied the two rooms of the former accountant offices.
  The hierarchic structure of the architecture was employed as a thematic backdrop for the installation. Projectors, maps, blackboards and clippings.


  bauen denken Berlin, 2008
  A 300sqm semi-transparent cloth was spread for one afternoon to cover up a small building in the center of Berlin.The architecture was built by the GDR. Since the land has been restituted to the heirs
  of the former owners, the public park will be turned in private apartments in the next years. The building itself which has lost its purpose and legal ground belongs to nobody.
  It remains closed since 1989 and waits for its final destruction.


  cabinet Universal Cube, Leipzig, 09.2007
  The blackboards contain traces of dialogues. In an installation the boards form a non-linear system of references and relations. Depending on the content of the boards and on
  the context of the exhibition, the installations respond to the beholder and deal with space on various levels.


  LISTE07, Basel, 06.2007
  For Liste, The Young Art Fair 2007 the blackboards were presented in a quasi provisional state.
  The installation recalled a storage situation and questioned the representational framework of an artfair.

  Von Neuem 
Jan Winkelmann / Berlin, 10.2006.  
  The modification of the architecture of the gallery, the sculptures and works on paper all refer to the concept of sculpture and our modernistic yet romantic understanding of it.
  The reduction of the visible turns each object into a point of reference for the entire exhibition.


  rot Jan Winkelmann / Berlin 05.2006
  A permanent installation in the storage space of Galerie Jan Winkelmann. The work consists of white cubes that appear to be solid pedestals from one angle, but actually serve as storage for artwork and
   maintenance tools. This is only revealed when the cubes are viewed from the other side. The installation attempts to combine the ideal of a representational space while retaining the practicalities of a storage space.


  bis später JanWinkelmann / Berlin, 05.2005
  For the duration of the exhibition the semi-transparent windows of our studio were removed. These windows were inserted into a temporary wall that divided Galerie Jan Winkelmann.
  The windows were installed on this wall so that they were confronting a series of art magazine adverts with their information removed placed on the facing wall.


 Projekt Just, Düsseldorf 2004

  The three rooms of Julia Stoschek’s exhibition space became part of a single installation which spread from the front garden to the back yard.
  The work addressed various modes of presentation and representation from historical models to very personal perspectives.


  Was glänzt hat kein eigenes Licht Galerie Kerstin Engholm, Vienna 2002
  For one week all available art related printed matter available in Vienna was collected and then used to build a paper stack at Galerie Kerstin Engholm.
  This failed to make an impact on the availability of information as the city’s art institutions had printed enough flyers to restock their shelves and desks.


  ...through a window that is with D. Buob, S. Schmidt, K. Zottl, Semperdepot / Art A.T.O.M., Vienna 2002
  The facade of a small artist-run space was removed and carried through Vienna and installed in the annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
  The vacant rooms of the artist run space were left open and unattended during the exhibition. It slowly filled with autumn leaves, a parkbench and some graffiti. After the show had finished the park bench
  was put back outside and the façade was re-installed to close the space again.